Shays Perspective of Allison Healing Process

Experiences hone different individuals. Through the life experiences people learn to react and realize certain matters regarding themselves as well as their personal lives. Moreover, the importance of experiences truly provides an important aspect of person in his or her psychological state. During times of war, it is important to note that people are mostly psychologically affected. Moreover, wars are events which do not only affect different countries but as well as the people who see and experience wars. Therefore, the psychological impacts of wars become a very difficult experience. Furthermore another difficult experience is abuse. The concept of abuse is vast in many regions in the world. In the society, abuse is often at hand. The saddest part of this type of abuse is the ignorance of people regarding different kinds of factors in the society. Looking at these situations of abuse and psychological effects of violence in the society, the question of turning the effects from such type of situation is at hand.

In the book written by Dorothy Allison Two to Three Things I Know for Sure it is evident that the society becomes very abusive for people who are poor. Moreover, the importance of social class and the ability become economically normal is an important matter in the community which had been discussed in the book. Furthermore, it is very important to view that the book is providing a story which highlights social class as the ability to be empowered and be abused. Hence people who are seen as poor are often judged and abused in order for higher social classes to be much empowered and feel better about them selves. These problems are creating different issues with regards, to separation of various classes in the society. Moreover, such kind of criticisms towards other people is very important in the psychological perspectives of these people. Hence, the writing of Jonathan Shay is presenting an important aspect concept in the societal perspective. Shay stated that the society plays a great role in the perspective of a person. For the society has its unstated norms, people tend to critique individuals. Shay utilized soldiers in different wars in order to justify his claim.

Furthermore, it was stated that people from the war are very sensitive in terms of their achievements and experiences. People whom are unable to go home to the United States with success are often criticized by the community. Similar to the Korean War where in soldiers are seen as individuals who are weaker then other soldiers put to war.  On the other hand, there are soldiers in the Vietnam War which were persecuted by the people when they came home. The persecution of soldiers in the Vietnam War was caused by the many deaths of the people as well as little children. Although the United States become triumphant in the wars, the number of people who had died in the war is important. Hence, soldiers are seen as monsters and killers of people. Such kind of judgments and experiences lead to huge psychological issues in the personal lives of soldiers. Through this, most soldiers becomes untrusting with other people (154-155).

The written work of Allison is also similar to the experiences of the soldiers. Many individuals see the importance of what kinds of activities people are able to do (Alisson 35). However, being judgmental and critical of different people leads to the aspect of distrust and removing oneself from the society. It is very evident that the book written by Allison is similar to the facts stated by the Shay. The main character of the book is often yearning to have a place where in she is able to be herself without any qualms. Through travelling and walking in different areas outside of her community, it is clear that her exploration somehow meant freedom in her perspective. Through the stories she makes up, the character becomes free. Unlike moments where in she is within their home or their subdivision, the girl feels free to talk to anyone and experience everything for no one knows her.

Hence, healing is similar to accepting reality. Though past experiences are important in the present, accepting former actions is important to attain freedom at the current times. Similar to the statement of Shay, where in he stated that there are different methodologies in purifying soldiers who just recently came from war. Thus, different doctors are being met by the soldiers in order to relieve them from the trauma that they all had. The case of PTSD (149) is an important matter for different individuals. A huge change of a person in terms of decision making or reaction is also affecting an individuals perspective of life and the likes. Hence, there are moments in which a soldier or a veteran bursts out from his peacefulness and disrupts the silence of the community. Moreover, such aspect is what most individuals are preventing. There are instances that certain issues are over magnified by people who had experienced such terror. In the story Gun Crazy, it is very clear that there are cases in which a person could go ballistic due to simple reasons. Hence, PTSD patients move towards extreme situations which could affect individuals. The paranoia of people affected by this psychological disease is paranoid and helpless regarding their emotions. Furthermore, impulsive reactions to situations tend to result into an violent and negative results.

Healing is an important matter to be learned by any people. Though experiences are all composes the personality of a person. Certain disturbances and irregularities must be faced in order to heal a person from different kinds of psychological issues at hand. In the book provided by Allison it is very clear that she wrote for people who are affected by certain emotional or physical violence of other individuals. Through the long endurance in such situations of abuse, people also become vulnerable which could lead to violence. Hence, it was suggested by Shay that there must be a purification process (244) after the battle. The purification is attaining religious and self connection which is important to clear the bad experiences of a person. Through the realization that people need help, the aspect of trust and paranoia shall be healed. Furthermore, being home is the only suggestion provided by Shay  Be at Home. For a person who does not trust and have faith during certain situations, it is important to be in a place where an individual is contented and calm.

Furthermore, acceptance is also an important to the steps of healing and forgiveness. A person must be willing to accept that experiences have reason and such reasons could only rely to the future. Also, it is important for a person to gain respect to one another. Upon cases of psychological issues, certain individuals hate themselves because they are what they are. However it is through respect that individuals are able to see the other side. Hence, people who had experience violence are mostly shattered. Wars are not simple acts of little boys who wants to play it is a sacrifice of their own lives. It is to live by the principles of certain groups in order to attain acceptance.


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