Grossmont Powwow Festival

The Grossmont College Powwow Festival centers on increasing awareness on Native American culture whilst raising funds for the Grossmont College Indian Scholarship fund. The festivities usually run from noon until eleven in the evening and range from gourd dancing to songs by tribal members hailing from as far as Canada. From all its exciting activities, its drum contest is its most popular feature. The Powwow festival is certainly an event anyone could enjoy.

The Powwow Festival is open to the public and is free as it is sponsored by the Barona Band of Kumeyaay Indians, Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians, the Native Americans Council, Grossmont College Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and the Grossmont College Cross-Cultural Studies Department. The college embraces Native American culture through traditional dances and songs, and is a great occasion not only for the staff and students of Grossmont College, but also for the public to take pleasure in viewing activities from time-honored tradition as well as to have a better grasp on such a rich and diverse culture. The Festivals most popular segment is that of the drum contest with the yearly theme of Indians Helping Indians. It was conceptualized in hopes of bringing in more performers to make the event all the more thrilling. With the prize money at stake, around twenty bands attend which means more variety and much more excitement especially when the winners are announced at eleven in the evening.

Grossmont Colleges Powwow festival has a little bit of everything. It maintains a loose and casual atmosphere, is a means for embracing such a rich and diverse culture and has much loved excitement from its drum competition. Aside from bring people together it is the means for which more than two-dozen American Indian students are able to attend the school through its scholarship fund.


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